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Lillian Schulman informs:

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation is advising that, due to budgetary considerations, there will only be one call for proposals for Subud house grants in 2017.

The deadline is June 30, 2017

Grant guidelines and an application form can be found on our website: www.msubuhfoundation.org/grants/apply-for-a-grant OR from Lillian Shulman, MSF Administrator, to whom you can also diriect any questions you may have: lillianshulman@netscape.net

The submission deadline for applications is June 30, 2017

COMING SOON! Feb 23, 2017 top of page
DATG shares the news:

It's finally coming!

Borneo Productions International (BPI) presents their latest production: Finding The Warrior Within.

As you may know, Guillaume Sanchez is a young Subud member whose dream project is to travel around the world and explore cultures through dance. With the support of BPI, SICA, GHFP, SYA and many individuals, his dream became a reality as he pushed ahead to create the pilot series for his project: Dance Around The Globe.

In the film, Guillaue travels to Borneo, Indonesia, where he decides to learn a tribal Dayak dance with a locally renowned dance school. His challenge takes an unexpected turn as he fully immerses himself in an unknown culture and all that goes with it.

The story is already gaining interest and was featured on BBC Indonesia radio. The series will be launched on the DATG Youtube channel on March 7th and will need a lot of support.

Please take a look at the trailer and other teaser videos, and please make sure to subscribe to the channel. Having enough subscribers allows for a customized title for the YouTube channel.

Subud Writers International Magazine - SWIM Feb 23, 2017 top of page
Emmanuel Williams writes from the US:

Welcome to SWIM Issue 7.

Good news items:

  1. Writers have begun sending me their work without being asked to. Which is very gratifying. This suggests that SWIM is acquiring a life of its own.
  2. There are wonderful pictures done by children in this issue.
  3. I’m happy to report that Marcus Bolt has taken over the lay- out job, and that SICA USA has come through with a grant for him.

Please forward this issue No. 7 of SWIM to anyone you think might enjoy it.

Swim issue 8 will be published in 3 months or so. We’ll be looking in particular for short stories, poetry and art by children and teenagers, and paintings and photographs of people. AND anything – poetry, fiction, articles, art, photography etc. by second generation Subud members. 

Emmanuel Williams  Emmanuelriddlemaker@Gmail.com

WORLD CONGRESS LOGO Feb 21, 2017 top of page
The WSA Executive team writes:


We are seeking THE LOGO for the 15th SUBUD WORLD CONGRESS! Do you have an idea that you can realize in design? Are you full of finger-tingling expectation for Freiburg and the Subud World Congress? If so, then please submit a design for the logo of the 15th Subud World Congress!

The WSA executive team together with SICA are seeking THE LOGO for the coming World Congress 2018 in Freiburg, Germany. It will be used on the official congress website, on letterheads, placards, shields, flags, bags, beakers and T-shirts, etc. Because it is an official logo, you should be a Subud member. Please also be prepared to surrender the rights for you design to WSA so that we can work with it.

The following requirements should be met by your logo!

  • Included in the text should be: 15th Subud World Congress, Freiburg, Germany.
  • Definitely use the Subud symbol and consider the following guidelines: the colour for the Subud symbol is gold or yellow.
  • Text and other design elements must be placed below the symbol. The symbol should be visibly clear and unadulterated, which means that letters or other design elements should not cover or be behind the symbol or be visible through the symbol. The Subud symbol may not be used as a part of another element – for example, displayed with sunbeams.

Here is another tip: google “Freiburg im Breisgau”, the city between the Rhine and the Black Forest, and you will definitely acquire a few ideas...

All the sisters and brothers who submit a design according to the guidelines automatically participate with us, the members of the WSA executive team and SICA, in the selection procedure. The decision for the LOGO selected and the name of the designer will be published in various Subud publications. The other designs are also to be honoured through publication.

The final submission date is 1 March 2017. Please send your logo design to the following e-mail address: worldcongress2018@subud.org

It now remains for us to wish you a great deal of joy and inspiration. We are looking forward to your designs and thank you for your involvement.

If you are not receiving the World Congress 2018 newsletter, please register for it at worldcongress2018@subud.org

ARE WE FACING THE FINAL CURTAIN? Feb 16, 2017 top of page
Osanna Vaughn

In January, I wrote an article titled A Bit of History, sharing some of the background to SWN. I hope you enjoyed it or will take the time to read it now (January 24).

Rather prophetically (in retrospect), I finished by mentioning the out-dated technology that could make the future of this site rather precarious. Unfortunately, glitches and failures are now starting to appear. The first major problem the user will discover is on the Zones/Countries page where, regardless of the country you click on, only the information of one same country will open up. In my case, for example, it is Congo Brazzaville!

Rashid Butte, the IT cordinator for the WSA Executive is currently looking into how to make the necessary overhaul possible. Of course, it's a question of finances. At this time news communication and websites don't seem to be given any importance so, I assume, are not budgeted items.

In the meantime, I hope that the NEWS and EVENTS segments (which are the ones most popular ones) will hold on without major hiccups, and that you will bear with us until the issues get solved or we announce the 'final curtain'!

If you have any questions, please write to me at osanna@subudworldnews.com

Rodrigo Rogers writes:

We would like to welcome you to Loudwater Farm (UK) for a relaxed and fun event where we can make friends and take home cherished memories. We have sleepovers, Latihan and an egg hunt planned for the event! The dates are April 14 to 17, 2017.

This is not a children's event, but rather is planned for young Subud members and 'youthful' adults out there. You are also welcome to bring along non-Subud friends.

We would love people to bring things we can all do together; if anyone id interested in doing a workshop over the course of the weekend, be sure to tell us and we can pencil you in. As it's a short gathering we will have limited slots, so first come first served.

Please follow the conversation happening on the Loudwater Farm Easter Sleepover Extravaganza FB Page. It has details as to prices, requirements and so on. Or contact the organisers at: sya@subud.org.uk

IN BRIEF... Feb 14, 2017 top of page
News items taken from Facebook:

1st Prize in the Not Ordinary Love Fine Art America contest

Leanne Seymour writes: Angelic Being from an original watercolour painting of mine adapted with digital effects. This art work was created one Christmas when I was on my own. I felt I wanted to make my time special even though I was alone, so in honour of the moment I painted this angel from what I sensed an angel might look like. The lights and colours highlight a spiritual presence.

Celebrating the Leonard Bernstein Centenary

Lucas Richman writes: I am honored to announce that, in celebration of the Leonard Bernstein Centenary (August 25, 2018), I have received permission from the Leonard Bernstein Office to create a new work for chorus and orchestra inspired by the speech known as An Artist’s Response to Violence. Written in a multi-movement format, the resultant Symphony, This Will Be Our Reply, will mirror the contrasts of great beauty and horrific violence that pervade our modern era, ultimately uplifting the essence of Bernstein’s message through the ancient text, Tikkun Olam (Heal the World).

Episode One of the Dance Around the Globe project

Guillaume Sanchez writes: We are happy to announce that the Finding the Warrior Within web series is due to be launched on YouTube at the beginning of March, 2017. Watch the teaser, then, if you feel thus inclined, please like and share! After dancing with the stars. it’s dancing with the tribes!!!

Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

Once again, Veronica Herber's installation work with Washi tape is part of the beautiful, yearly event on Waiheke Island (off Auckland, New Zealand). It runs till February 19th, so catch it if you can!

Veronica recommends visiting the exhibition in the evening. It takes visitors along a beautiful coastal walk, enjoying lots of great artwork in the perfect lighting.

Welcome to Greece Feb 13, 2017 top of page
Louiza Sofianopoulou, chair of Subud Greece, writes:

Dear brothers and sisters, we welcome you to Greece for the Zone 4 Meeting and to also enjoy ten relaxing and fun days by the beautiful sea of Chalkidiki.

We are happy to host the event at a wonderful 5 star Hotel with spacious, beautiful rooms and all the facilities we will need. We have been offered special early bird prices for this so we urge you to make your plans and book by February 20th. After that the prices will be a bit higher and we will soon inform you of that difference. Please visit the website of Zone 4 with general Informations and registration form.

Room prices per person, half board - breakfast and dinner included. There are many options for lunch, such as buffet, taverna, mini-market, bar, or beach barbeque with great prices. Feel free to decide day by day what suits you best.

Camping Area: Close to the hotel Alexandros Palace is a camping area. We will give you more informations soon, in the meantime please visit the website: http://www.camping-comitsa.gr/accommodation

Please contact Louiza if you have further questions.

Celebration in Indonesia Feb 09, 2017 top of page
Osanna Vaughn:

On February 1st, 2017, over 900 members from Indonesia and other countries around the world came together to mark seventy years since Subud Indonesia was officially established in 1947 in Jogjakarta. Appropriately, the celebration was held in Jogjakarta two days before the opening of 28th Subud Indonesia National Congress. The event, which took place at the MMCI Alana Hotel, also commemorated sixty years since Bapak first travelled to Europe and began to share the latihan throughout the world.

A Gamelan Orchestra played various times throughout the evening, there were speeches given by the WSA Chairman, Elias Dumit, and the Chairman of Subud Indonesia, Iwan Syamsudin, and dances were performed, including a Dayak dance by the children of members from Kalimantan. After inviting each of us to pray according to our own belief, Ibu Rahayu cut the traditional yellow rice cake, opening the buffet dinner. Later a film about the early days and Bapak’s later travels was shown.

The following day saw many attendees travel to Semarang and the house where Bapak first received the latihan. Ibu Rahayu welcomed the visitors and offered them lunch. There was also time for a short latihan. The Congress itself began on Friday afternoon. The first speakers were Iwan Syamsudin, Elias Dumit and Dr. Hilmar Farid, Indonesia’s Director General of Education and Culture, followed by His Majesty, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, Sultan and Governor of Jogjakarta, who spoke very eloquently before striking the traditional gong three times to open the event. The Gamelan Orchestra played again, and four ladies performed a dance from the Sultan’s court. Congress business was carried out during the evening, while a film of Ibu giving a talk was projected for the other attendees.

The next day, business continued until Ibu Rahayu gave an hour long talk in the late afternoon, followed by testing sessions, first with the ladies and then the men. Non-delegate visitors were allowed to sit in on the congress sessions, but also had a chance to browse through informative exhibitions and take advantage to visit the UNESCO Heritage Site of Borobudur and other places of interest. Of course, there were also countless opportunities to catch up with Subud friends, make new ones, share latihans, and have informal meetings and discussions. The atmosphere was very lively and fun.

On Sunday morning, the testing for National Chair for the coming two years was carried out, and Iwan Syamsudin re-elected.

An experience that stays with you forever Jan 28, 2017 top of page
Solen Lees writes:

Spotting orang-utans from the river, creek swimming, Dayak dancing, basket weaving and visiting local villages. Making new friends, feeling part of a family, having fun, eating delicious food. Oh, and of course a marvellous sense of achievement at the work we did. All of this and more was on the programme of the sixth Human Force camp, held from 13th to 22nd December at Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan (YPK).

Human Force, formerly a programme of SDIA and now housed by the World Subud Association, organises and facilitates short but intensive learning and working experiences at different Susila Dharma projects around the world.

The focus of this camp was permaculture and culture, environment and community. The Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation (YPK) connects with local communities, helping their traditions come back to life and raising awareness of a more sustainable way of growing food, especially in communities that have been persuaded to sell their land to palm oil companies – which leads to environmental degradation on a massive scale.

14 volunteers (in the photo in front of a mural they painted at BCU), both local and international, came together to work with YPK to develop the Bina Cita Utama (BCU) school kitchen garden, learn about the challenges facing local communities and the environment and take positive action. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, both from our participants and from our hosts; and the organisers agreed it was ‘the best camp ever’. Read all about this year’s camp here:

If you are interested in taking part in the next Human Force camp at YPK, please contact hellohumanforce@gmail.com to register your interest and make sure you get updates!