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WORLD VISIONING SPACE Mar 21, 2017 top of page
Harman Scott writes for the March 2017 SESI Newsletter

Extract from a longer article

...It was when visiting Toronto in 1998 that I first received an indication of a sacred space. There were only a few basic hints about its purpose and its architecture. Almost 20 years in the making therefore, my dream has been to create a sacred space which helps everyone find inner peace. This space is also a meeting hall, to be used to promote inter-religious understanding, respect for human rights and equality.

In 2011 ... I received a clear image of what I have since named World Visioning Space (WVS). The design is based on sacred geometry. Over the next three years, I worked on it in an outer way from time to time, but not really knowing how it would develop. In 2014, I receiving much clearer clues, and was by then striving to work out how WVS could become reality. It became clear that I was simply to concentrate on it, develop it in an outer way and share it. Further clues at this time confirmed that to best fulfil its purpose, it should be built in Toronto, Ontario, and known as the interfaith capital of the world.

In November 2014, in Perth, Scotland, I was offered the opportunity by a business networking group of making a public talk of 20 images for 20 seconds each, on a subject I was passionate about. I chose WVS and in April 2015, I made that first public presentation to them. The concept was well received and created much interest. I was inspired to make two visits to Toronto, in July and October. Motivated further by the reception it received, in 2016, I visited Toronto twice more, making more contacts, spreading the word about the project, and looking for possible sites. Each trip I made was more successful than the previous one. In sharing it with many people, I realised that the project has worldwide significance. It is simply what people tell me, however I am aware of this from receiving too.

I have discovered that the project has grown as I have. I have to evolve first, for the project to develop, i.e. this project is a vehicle for my spiritual development too. Since 2015, the proposal has been presented personally to over 300 people in North America and Europe. In Toronto itself, it has been seen by many individuals, representatives of religious, interfaith and spiritual organisations, plus several representatives of the Ontario Province and Toronto City Council. Very strong interest has been gathering. It is now time to share it as widely as possible...

Full article...

If you would like to be on the SESI Newsletter mailing list, please contact the editor

CINEMA NEWS! Mar 16, 2017 top of page
Staff writer

The Coffee Man, Roland Fraval and Jeff Hahn's great documentary following the story of Sasa Sestic as it leads up to his victory as a barista (does he just make it to Australian Champion or go on to become the World Champion?), has been nominated for Best Documentary at the James Beard Awards in New York!

Leonardo di Caprio's award-winning documentary Before the Flood can be streamed for free. One segment of the movie deals with the issue of burning enormous tracts of land for palm oil plantations in Indonesia. At minute 47, four photographs of the 2015 smoke/haze disaster in Kalimantan taken by Bjoern Vaughn have been inserted into the movie.

Just one episode left to complete the Finding the Warrior Within series, the first installment of the Dance Around the Globe project. Episodes 1 - 5 are already online (click link above), and the sixth and final episode will be up on March 18.

MORNINGSIDE C.A.R.E. Mar 15, 2017 top of page
Staff writer:

Morningside C.A.R.E. Inc (MCI), a Subud charity established in Australia, is possibly best known for running the Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat, a couple of hours drive from Brisbane. However, they also support other local projects, such as the International Child Development Programme, which is currently in discussions with the Tweed Family Centre about implementing the ICDP, and with the Tweed Women’s Action Group to see how its much-needed domestic violence service can be restored.

In addition, MCI supports projects outside Australia: the Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan (YPK), Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) and Borneo Football International Federation (BFIF) in Indonesia, Mis Corazones Alegres Foundation (MCAF) in Colombia, and the Home Reconstruction Project in Nepal, which aims to build three more earthquake-resistant homes to replace ones destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes, and to create a safe supply of drinking water.

From this last, Project Manager Hamilton Pevec reports: “The Water Cistern project has been delayed by cost analysis inaccuracies. We budgeted to use the existing pipe but found that it was compromised, so new costs will add $1,383 to the overall budget. Water tank construction begins March 2017. Due to the success and cooperation between the project and villagers, we intend to extend the construction project to include new toilets and septic systems.”

(Photo: Some of the villagers outside Pabitra’s New Home with a fresh coat of paint. Pabitra was our local supervisor for the first round of construction. That role was shared by the heads of each house. Shyam our project coordinator, is in front with hat. These houses are built in the traditional style of stone and mud mortar with the EQ modifications.)

INSPIRED TO SUPPORT SDIA Mar 14, 2017 top of page
Susila Dharma International Association informs:

Green Oak Carpentry – founded and directed by Andrew Holloway from the United Kingdom – has become Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA)’s latest ‘Inspiring Enterprise’. These are Subud entrepreneurs who support the social development work of SDIA in different ways. Green Oak Carpentry, which designs and makes beautiful timber structures, has placed an advert for SDIA on its website, which you can see here

Excerpts from a longer and very interesting article:

...I set up Green Oak Carpentry in 1990, and the business now employs about 30 people. There is a core team in the office including a Sales Director, Design Manager, Company Administrator and three draftsmen. It also has an architectural practice that I started because of my enduring interest in good design and the all too often absence of it when confronted with new projects. This team is dedicated to keeping the carpenters engaged in high quality work. The carpenters are the engine of the business, without whom nothing gets done! At the moment, we employ 13 full-time and another eight who are self-employed, and who work with us about 80% of the time as they seem to enjoy our projects. I like to think we attract high calibre people and do first class work. 

Construction is a tough market to turn a profit in. It is all about logistics, and once things start to go wrong, it can be very difficult to pull things back. It is not what you do when everything is going well that defines who you are, but rather, what you do when things are going badly. However, we are all passionate about what we do and going the extra quarter mile when necessary to turn around a problem.

In architecture today, timber is the ‘new cool’. It is super environmentally good to use timber. The more you use, the more forest cover there will be in Europe. How good is that to know!? It is growing timber that sequesters the most CO2 – much more than mature tree – so growing timber for oak frames is good for the planet...

...Westminster Hall (one of the largest mediaeval single span roofs in Europe) was fabricated in Alice Holt near Farnham. The entire massive structure was broken down into its component parts and transported on a barge to Westminster. Rather like a gigantic 3D jigsaw, each component has a unique address within the finished building. Carpenters developed a complex system of marks and numbers to ensure all went precisely into its correct location within the finished structure. In 700 years little has changed, and we are proud to have been one of the first carpentry specialists to revive historic carpentry techniques to cut accurate and beautifully-crafted oak-framed buildings. This is not because we are a bunch of old farts, rather it is because these techniques work and cannot be improved upon. Of course we don’t recreate the wheel, and use modern portable power tools that make the job easier and quicker.

Read about how a dream with Bapak played a significant part in Andrew's decision to work with wood, why Andrew wants to support SDIA, and much more here

(Photo: the award-winning interior to the Saville Gardens' information centre, built by Green Oak Carpentry)

Information and the Spread of Subud Mar 09, 2017 top of page
Taken from SCAN, the Subud Canada newsletter

An article written by Harlinah Longcroft, compiler of the History of Subud.

Once, when I was able to talk with Bapak very informally, I mentioned some experiences both in latihan and even in mundane circumstances such as riding in a Jakarta taxi, when I found that the world around me faded, and everything normally important in my life became like trivia – a sensation people have when they are very ill or perhaps about to die. Bapak replied, "Yes! In fact some people say life in this world is like a dream." He paused, looked out of the window of his office in the S. Widjojo building, then suddenly turned and looked straight at me, saying very firmly, "But when we are in this world, WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN IT!"

I do believe in this world! and, believing in it, means I believe in my computer and "informational technology", the growth of which we see all around us. I believe Subud needs informational technology in order to interface with the rest of the world.

I was very happy at Spokane when the Archives Working Party suggested we should establish a Subud data bank - and rename our archives, Subud Informational Resources. With a name like that most people would stop thinking of Archives as just a dusty collection of old papers, and see that our collections are exactly what we need to be effective in spreading Subud.

We have to be ready to give information about Subud - what it has done and is doing - to people when they ask us. We make bridges by talking about things that the non-Subud world understands. It does not understand about receiving the latihan because the latihan is not part of its experience. So how will we explain Subud to our bank manager, our doctor, the lawyer helping us to make our Will and asking about the Muh. Subuh Foundation?

Read on...

If you are interested in receiving SCAN, please contact the editor.

WSA EXECUTIVE LAUNCHES A SURVEY Mar 08, 2017 top of page
Staff writer

Based on an idea promoted by Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) Chairman, Marston Gregory, the WSA Executive team has recently launched a survey to collect information about our latihan facilities around the world. It was put together in collaboration with the Zone Reps, and asks well-considered and broad questions, in the hope of acquiring a real pictures of the status of our centres.

As the WSA Chairman, Elias Dumit writes, “Subud Centres are the places where the latihan happens and flourishes, where our communities grow. They represent the reality of our association and our interface with the world. Supporting healthy and thriving centres needs to be a permanent task for all of us.”

The survey has been distributed to all Centre chairpersons, but we also considered it might be of interest for all members to read, even if they are not involved in filling out the form. Please check it out: Survey

(Photo: The Subud Christchurch halls, recently restored after being damaged resulting from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes)

SUBUD USA NATIONAL GATHERING Mar 08, 2017 top of page
Chairperson, Mary Wold, sends news

Subud USA 2017 National Gathering
Pearlstone Retreat and Conference Center
June 30 – July 4

Reisterstown, Maryland (30 minutes from Baltimore-Washington Airport)
Notify Me When Registration Opens!

Dream of latihan halls,
filled with joyous sounds
And of children who laugh
and play in sun-splashed fields

Dream of reminiscing with someone
you haven't seen in years
And of music and art and words
shared around an evening campfire

Dream of the organic bounty
that springs from the earth beneath you
And of shooting stars
that grace the midnight sky

Dream of the promise of a brighter future
inspired by a heart as wide as the ocean.

Dream... for all mankind.

DISCOVERING KALIMANTAN Mar 08, 2017 top of page
Eliana Hernandez writes from Mexico

I really did not intend to visit Kalimantan. Like many other countries in Latin America, Mexico has plenty of very real forest around Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas. There are no orang-utans, I admit, but nevertheless a breathtaking deep and encompassing rain forest with its own wild animals.

But, as many things happen in Subud, I bought a ticket to participate in the 70th Anniversary of Subud Indonesia and the 28th National Congress (February 1-5, 2017), with a return date on February 21st. That left me with almost two weeks to travel around. After meeting Osanna Vaughn at the Congress, who told me that she was spending time Kalimantan, I bought an airline ticket for a one-week stay.

To start my trip, I had to check up on my geography: Kalimantan is the Indonesian, largest part of the island of Borneo. The northern part of the island belongs to the Republic of Malaysia with Brunei in the middle. To arrive to the Subud Rungan Sari complex and the resort, you have to fly to Palangka Raya. It is the nearest city and airport, and is the capital of the Province of Central Kalimantan.

To put Palangka Raya in context, in 1957 President Sukarno had in mind to move the capital of Indonesia there from Jakarta. As we know, the move did not materialize, but modern buildings and wide avenues were constructed giving this city an air of elegance and spaciousness.

The RuganSari Meeting Center and Resort, the commercial name of one of the Subud enterprises in Kalimantan and the place where I stayed, is about one hour ride by car north of Palangka Raya. The native people of Kalimantan are the Dayaks, an ethnic group located in the central and southern part of Borneo, with many subgroups, dialects, customs laws, territory and culture. They are animist in their beliefs, but many have converted to Christianity and to Islam. Not long ago they were also still head hunters.

Read on...

IT's HERE! Mar 07, 2017 top of page
DATG shares the news:

It's finally here!

Borneo Productions International (BPI) presents their latest production: Finding The Warrior Within.

As you may know, Guillaume Sanchez is a young Subud member whose dream project is to travel around the world and explore cultures through dance. With the support of BPI, SICA, GHFP, SYA and many individuals, his dream became a reality as he pushed ahead to create the pilot series for his project: Dance Around The Globe.

In the film, Guillaue travels to Borneo, Indonesia, where he decides to learn a tribal Dayak dance with a locally renowned dance school. His challenge takes an unexpected turn as he fully immerses himself in an unknown culture and all that goes with it.

The story is already gaining interest and was featured on BBC Indonesia radio. The series has now been launched on the DATG Youtube channel and will need a lot of support.

Please take a look at the trailer, other teaser videos, and Episode One, and please make sure to subscribe to the channel. The following episodes will be uploaded over a period of two weeks.

Spring 2017 Subud Youth News Mar 06, 2017 top of page
Submitted by Rosella Vaughn

The second issue of Subud Youth News had fourteen pages packed with news, articles, events details, interviews, photos and more. It also includes a request for volunteers to help support the World Congress Organising Team, and the call for people to stand for the position of International Youth Coordinator, to take over from George Demers who pass away unexpectedly in January.

The newsletter also introduces the new YOUTH SPACE, which can be found on instagram and on Facebook. Robiyanto Sumowadiwidjojo, newly elected Youth Coordinator for Area 1 and member of the Wisma Subud Jakarta group, says: Youth Space is a concept that came out of the excitement of Basara 2016. We can still feel the buzz of the event, the sense of purpose and unity, and want to recreate that, but on a smaller and more consistent scale. Basara taught us that when the youth have a space to get together, to be as one in one place, we not only have the opportunity to get to know each other and grow closer, but also to work together on new ideas and innovation.

Youth Space is a bridge. It closes the gap in so many places, from member to member, from young to old, and from within Subud, to the 'outside' world. Let's elaborate on those one at a time. First, we want to source our local talent as we develop enterprises and projects. Let's say I am looking to create an IT project and I need a graphic designer. Why go out looking when I could be finding what I need within our own ranks? Youth Space will help connect people with varying talents and capacities.

Read Robiyanto's full piece plus much more in the Spring 2017 issue of Subud Youth News

IMPORTANT NOTE: The opening day of World Congress 2018 has been changed from July 26 to July 28, 2018, so the events list in this edition of the newsletter will be amended in the next issue.

Chain of support for a community in need Mar 06, 2017 top of page
Solen Lees writes for SDIA:

San Miguel Atlautla in the state of Mexico is a community with a high index of poverty – 57% of the population is supported by agriculture and 12% is illiterate. Here Usaha Mulia Abadi A.C., a member project of the Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA), carries out programmes and projects focusing on nutrition, the environment, education and solidarity. Run by Subud members from the area, UMA helps ensure that youngsters stay in schools, improves families’ living conditions and nutrition, and plants trees to reforest the area.

Working in partnership with the local government and police force, and an international non-governmental organization that provides food supplements, it also supports elderly people, prisoners and children suffering from cancer, and improves families’ physical environment. To do this, the team gets a lot of help from volunteers, from Mexico and abroad. However, these volunteers travel long distances to come and work, and they need somewhere to sleep. Currently there is a house for volunteers which needs to be renovated and enlarged to allow up to 32 volunteers to be accommodated at one time. Without this space – and consequently without the support of volunteers – UMA’s work would be severely restricted. Indeed, much of it would not happen at all.

You can support Usaha Mulia Abadi’s current fundraising campaign to house its volunteers on SDIA’s Make It Happen crowdfunding website!

BALANCING THE 2016 BUDGET Mar 03, 2017 top of page
WSA Treasurer, Hilaria Dette, writes

Due to USD 95,000 of individual, group, country and zonal donations attracted by the generous matching fund of an entrepreneur, we managed to balance the 2016 budget. A huge thank you to all of you.

What does the World Subud Association spend your contributions on?

Let me start with the Basara Gathering in Rungan Sari, Indonesia to illustrate. During the World Subud Council meeting in Chile in September 2015, our brother George Demers, Youth Coordinator, shared the idea of a joint gathering of the Youth and the Wings in Rungan Sari, Kalimantan, in December 2016/January 2017. Therefore we had increased the budget line for Youth activities in 2016. This gathering with about 200 participants turned out to be very successful. Many of you may have donated to help raise money for fares for young people to attend Basara. In Europe the Youth of Zone 3 and 4 had an extra fund-raising drive for the gathering.

At the end of Basara, Elias Dumit highlighted “the excellent, lively and family-like atmosphere, the amazing work of the organizing team truly working in collaboration, the Wings of Subud getting closer together (pointing the way for our future) and the successful first step of our experiment of bringing Yes Quest project closer to Subud”.

In my reply I called this an example of Subud entities working together as one body like described on the Subud tree, adding: to make this gathering happen, funds found their way to Subud. In the last email I ever received from George he answered: “Yes dear Hilaria, yes indeed, funds found their way! All my love and a giant hug, George”.

As you certainly have read, George passed away very unexpectedly from heart failure right after the Basara gathering ended. Most of you know George’s great contributions in supporting the preparation of this meeting and helping to find funds. One young participant said: This meeting changed my life.

Please read Hilaria's full letter

And here are the 4th Quarter 2016 Statement and the Approved Budget for 2017

A VERY COMPELLING DREAM Mar 01, 2017 top of page
Taken from Subud Voice

Ilaine Lennard found a collection of Susila Dharma stories which had been gathered by SDIA for the 14th World Congress in Puebla and thought it would be a good idea for us to publish them in Subud Voice...

In 1991 Subud member Lusijah Marx from the US had a very compelling dream. She was to work with Subud brother Lucas Harris to found a health centre to serve AIDS patients and other people suffering from life-challenging illnesses. When she told Lucas about the dream the next day, he had had the exact same dream the night before, and the QUEST CENTRE FOR INTEGRATIVE HEALTH was born! 

QUEST CENTER for Integrative Health is a community-based nonprofit health center based in Portland, Oregon. Clients work directly with a team of clinicians to develop a well-rounded and individualized treatment program. The centre’s programmes and services empower its clients to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes. For more information go to: Quest Center also has a Facebook Page

Read and enjoy more stories and articles in the March 2017 issue of Subud Voice

UNITED BY SHAKESPEARE... Mar 01, 2017 top of page
Taken from The Good Reed newsletter.

SWN Editor: I recently discovered that the Subud Central London group has a delightful newsletter titled The Good Reed and edited by Katharine Walmsley. Katharine has given me permission to take an extract of an interview from it, and link SWN readers to the whole newsletter:

...Gregory Gudgeon is known to many Subud Central London (SCL) members as he comes to group latihan when he is in London performing at The Globe or other theatres. He took part in SICA performances at the Mexican 2014 World Congress. Some may even know that he has a connection with Czech theatre. But how and why does he manage to have a professional foothold and lifestyle in two such disparate cultural centres as the Czech Republic and the UK is rather surprising and not known to most people. How does an English actor thriving on Shakespeare and puppet theatre work in these areas? His credits are listed as The Lion King, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Prague Shakespeare Company.

It seems Gregory’s present lifestyle can be traced back to the Central London group itself, where he met Czech SCL member, Hannah (Susan) Kodicek. Gregory traces his double residency in two countries to Hannah, a filmmaker, a puppeteer and active psychologist. Hannah’s influence on Gregory was great on many creative levels. A very strong friendship formed between them. “Hannah clarified one’s feelings. As a vain actor, I needed her depth of perception,” Gregory said, talking on Skype from the Czech village of Český Krumlov. Hannah then left the UK and started restoring houses on the Austrian-Czech borders in Český Krumlov, a village untouched since the Renaissance and lovingly preserved by gypsies. She invited Gregory to follow her and buy a house there. “There was a wonderful feeling of amateurism and it gave one a strong spiritual sense,” he says.

Sadly, Hannah, still young, had pancreatic cancer and passed away in 2011. Her death left her friends reeling; yet Gregory found himself still feeling comfortable in the Czech Republic. Gradually work started coming in, often for performing Shakespeare in the English language. So he found himself working sometimes in the UK and sometimes in the Czech Republic, where he also joined the small local Subud group which meet on Sundays. Ironically, he says, the group was very much stronger and more numerous under communism, but has dwindled since then.

Read the full interview, check Gregory's up-coming performance dates and enjoy The Good Reed.

SPRING IN PISA Feb 27, 2017 top of page
Zone 3 Rep, Matthew Weiss writes:

We are holding our next Zonal Meeting near Pisa in il Cenacolo. This is a meeting for everyone, 300 m from the beach, 30 minutes from the Leaning Tower. Families and those not doing Latihan most welcome from all over the world. There is limited space so you need to book early as we already have 40 guests. We are expecting many European youth to attend as this is a priority for Zone 3 and many projects on the go.

There is a wish that the World Congress in 2018 will be a new adventure and in that spirit, Zone 3 is also trying something new and different. We want to experiment, explore, and be inspirational about how we do things rather than just follow what has gone before. Instead of having Kejiwaan days, workshops and plenary days which separate us into our interests and divide us, we want to be more inclusive of everyone. In the spirit of Rome, we will have forums (rather than workshops) on Creativity, Subud and the Outer World, Health and Healing. This will be like a fair day, with many things to see hear and join in. Perhaps some presenters will mount the rostra and present to everyone.

There will be Kejiwaan exploration on Youth, Enterprises, Growth of Subud, Harmony, and the World Congress. Saturday evening we will celebrate 50 Years of Subud Italy, with everyone bringing something: a story, a poem, a dance, or just yourselves to enjoy the night. Bring slides, pictures, stories and experiences of your part in creating, healing, or helping the environment to share with us, so we all get to know each other a bit better by hearing what we are passionate about.

Fill in a booking form or contact Zone3 at Be part of our adventure.

In addition, the Zone 3 and 4 Youth informs: we are looking to give financial aid to five youths (accommodation and food). Please follow this link for more details.

Lillian Schulman informs:

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation is advising that, due to budgetary considerations, there will only be one call for proposals for Subud house grants in 2017.

The deadline is June 30, 2017

Grant guidelines and an application form can be found on our website: OR from Lillian Shulman, MSF Administrator, to whom you can also diriect any questions you may have:

The submission deadline for applications is June 30, 2017

Subud Writers International Magazine - SWIM Feb 23, 2017 top of page
Emmanuel Williams writes from the US:

Welcome to SWIM Issue 7.

Good news items:

  1. Writers have begun sending me their work without being asked to. Which is very gratifying. This suggests that SWIM is acquiring a life of its own.
  2. There are wonderful pictures done by children in this issue.
  3. I’m happy to report that Marcus Bolt has taken over the lay- out job, and that SICA USA has come through with a grant for him.

Please forward this issue No. 7 of SWIM to anyone you think might enjoy it.

Swim issue 8 will be published in 3 months or so. We’ll be looking in particular for short stories, poetry and art by children and teenagers, and paintings and photographs of people. AND anything – poetry, fiction, articles, art, photography etc. by second generation Subud members. 

Emmanuel Williams